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RESTART after Corona! +++ The 26th Antaris is going to happen on 14th – 18th of July 2022 +++ANTARIS – Against War! For Friendship, Peace and Freedom! – ANTARIS +++ DOWNLOAD AREA MAP! +++

Dear friends of ANTARIS, dear Antarians!

ANTARIS, the mother of German Psytrance Festivals, is back after two years of Corona. We
stand for friendship, peace and freedom! Against War!
Join in for the comeback of our beloved festival on the oldest airfield of the planet where Otto
Lilienthal started experimenting with self-built aircrafts in the 19th century.
Just like him, we’re going to lift off. Be ready for electrifying beats paired with mystical sounds and
start laughing and dancing in a Goa-Psychedelic- Hippie-Trance Symbiosis.
ANTARIS is back with a major update on sound and visuals, while we stick to our tradition which
fuelled our festival for 25 years! We’re excited to see your reaction on this brand new fusion of the



Part of a great festival is obviously a great Lineup!
International Acts like Ace Venture from Israel, Eat Static from Somerset in the UK or Parvati
Records Artist Elowinz from Brasil will be playing on three Floors: Our Main Floor, our Dark Floor
and our Chill Out / Techno Floor. Each of these floors are carefully curated: Musically, Visually and
Apart from our great dance floors, you can also deeply relax by joining our Thai-Chi and Yoga
Workshops in our Spiritual Circle or enjoy our various shops including Flower of Life, Space Tribe,
Seed of Life & Symbolica.
ANTARIS – Against War! For Friendship, Peace and Freedom! – ANTARIS


Ace Ventura | Iboga Records | IL

Alex | Independent | DE

Altruism | Nano Records | BR

Atmos | Atmotech | SE

Aum Shanti | Protoned Music | DK

Braingineers | Bom Shanka Music | CH

Burn in Noise | Nano Records | BR

Captain Hook | Iboga Records | IL

Cubixx | IONO Music | DE

Der Loth | IONO Music | DE

Eat Static | Eat Static Music | UK

Faders | Sacred Technology | IL

Finndus | Sun Department Records | DE

Freedom Fighters | Stereo Society | IL

Futuremoon | Digital Om | DE

Goa Jonas | Protoned Music | Antaris Project

Headroom | Iboga Records | ZA

Headworks | Wildthings Records | UK

Atacama | DE | Digital Om

James West | Nano Records | UK

Jumpstreet | Looney Moon Records | CH

Khromata | Iboga Records | US

LX-D | Zero 1 Music | DE

Magik | Nano Records | PL

Melburn | Landmark Records | DE

Modus | Stereo Society | IL

Mr. Tree and Mr. Jeans | DE

Multiseed | Woo-Dog Music | Trick Music

Nomatic | Sun Department | DE

Oxyflux | Protoned Music |DK

Protonica | Iboga Records | DE

Purple Shapes | Sacred Technology | GR

QZE & Lulic | Protoned Music | DK…/qze-groovy-roots-144-146…

Regan | Nano Records | ZA

Rugrats | Looney Moon Records | CH

Shore Bar Axel | Syncronize Recs | DE…/sets/boom-festival-shore-bar-axel

SmallTownFreakz | Expo Records | DE

Tongue & Groove | Nano Records | UK

Tripnosis | Protoned Music | DK

Virtual Light | Zero 1 Music | CA

Volcano on Mars | Sacred Technology| IL

Woos | Protoned Music | DK

curated by Goa Jonas

Dark Floor​

Orestis | Pralayah Records | GR

Elowinz | Parvati Records | BR

Sator Arepo | DE | Deviant Force Records

Confo | Parvati Records | GR

Giuseppe | Parvati Records | IT

Ectogasmics | Parvati Records | DK | DE

Tromo | Sonic Loom Music | GR

Quadraphonic | Sonic Loom Music | GR

Antonymous | Sonic Loom Music | GR

Lab Deviant Force Records | PT

Medhorinum | Deviant Force Records | GR

Mark Day | Blue Hour Sounds | UK

Auraka | Quadrivium Records | DE

Krosis | Blue Hour Sounds | UK

Virtuanoise | Freak Records | IT

Insector | Kamino Records | MX

Loose Connection | Free Radical Records | Wales

Kounoupi | Badgers Records | DE

Haryashvas | Shunyata Records | DE

Jairam | Fractal Nebula Records | DE

Abralabim | Fractal Nebula Records | DE

Ant | Mind Expansion Music | DE

Halunke | Mind Expansion Music | DE

Synthezia | Shunyata Records | DE

Malum | BlackOut | Hitech Clan | DE

Lost Senses | Independent | DE

Alien Techno | Ovni Records | DE

Kzandra | Limbic Resonance | FR

Caosstepzz | Active Meditation Music | DE

Ediks | Psyonara | DE

curated by Alien Techno

Chill Out & Techno Floor

Chris Zippel | DE |

Walking Tree | DE |

Piet Kämpfer | DE |

Doob | GER |

Riccicomoto | SP |

Janoma | DE |

Juliane Wolf | DE |

Lou Gatha | DE |

Tom Eichhagen | DE |

Kai Mathesdorf | ZA |

Genuine Sounds | DE |

Bass-t73 | DE |

Mashti | Dk |

Marcos Lopez | DE |

Necton Dubified | SE |

Dj Ping | DE |

Six AM | SP |

The Bobbejaans | DE |

Alizė | SP |

Mirko von Sturm | DE |

Moji | IR |

Darbak | PS |

Spiky | DE |

Aquarius | DE |

Neobeo | DE |

Andy Snatch | UK |

Ananda One | DE |

TBC. Roger Martinez | SP |

Valis | DE |

TBC. Rauschaus | DE |

DieMantis | TH |

Miguel Martinez | MX |

Irwin Leschet | DE |

Vargo | DE |


LIchtRaum | DE |

Chris el Raton | SP |

Eat Static | UK |

Der Andere | DE |

curated by Chris Zippel / Genuine Sounds


We know that you missed the bright and colourfully-decorated Psytrance realms, which let you
discover new dimensions together with other surreally-shaped Forms and friends.
This year Free Optics will be decorating our Main and Dark Floor, in co-operation with Big Size
Projections. Prepare for amazing floors full of UV Light, great art and experience the Goa Spirit
with the right dose of freak energy! Laugh and Dance!
An innovative 3D mapping from outer space will be installed by Spirit Society and SRP Media.


The biggest update on our Festival is the sound system:
No other than incredible Lambda Labs will be equipping the dance floors with a perfectly tuned
sound system that is going to blow your mind and ears.
The Main Floor will be equipped with a massive 2-Way sound system, whereas the Dark Floor will
have a 4-Way System that is going to spin your head around like never before without delays!
Lots of changes, yet our slogan is the same as ever:ANTARIS – Against War! For Friendship, Peace and Freedom! – ANTARIS


Finally we can return to dancing, laughing and celebrating!
Our Main Floor, one of Europe’s oldest, will definitely get you going.
The Line-up is a skilful composition combining superstars like Ace Ventura, who is producing and DJ-ing Progressive and Psychedelic- Trance since the early 90s. His sets regularly amaze people across the globe, transporting them into the depths of proper trance! For the analogue- lovers amongst you we invited another legend: Eat Static, who plays actual analogue live sets and brings suitcases full of technical equipment to perform his interpretation of
Psychedelic Trance music.
A break of two years is a long time in which a lot of great music was written and the time has come to open up the lineups for up-and-coming stars.
James West from England released a whole new album on NANO Records, called “Home” which takes you on a great journey as you listen to it.
We sure can not wait to hear it!
Another exciting new project on our Main Floor is Purple Shapes from Greece. The two young producers founded the project in 2018 and are rocking every stage they get on! Recently signed to Sacred Technology and currently working on their debut album, the duo always delivers with their
robotic & glitchy sounds paired with a rocking flow.

DARK Floor

Most of you already know our Dark Nights on the Main Floor from previous editions and the feedback was so great that we decided to dedicate a whole floor to the darker spheres of Psychedelic Trance. This floor has it all for all of you who like it a bit more intense:
Darkpsy, Forest and Hitech is what this area is about!
You can expect a multicultural and extravagant lineup that presents everything the fast and/ or dark side of Psytrance has to offer.
It is an honour to welcome Atriohm from Parvati Records: His album “Ukalen” was a milestone in the creation of this new style of Psytrance and had a huge influence on modern production in this genre.
Two more highlights are Confo and Virtuanoise, who play their tunes across the globe and always take the dance floor deep into a metaphysical jungle of tribal sounds and eerie creatures and never cease to amaze

ANTARIS – Against War! For Friendship, Peace and Freedom! – ANTARIS

Chill Out & Techno Floor

Our chill out floor is a nice spot to relax after a night of heavy dancing!
We consider a chill out just as important as a dance floor, so we will once again create a space that takes you and us through the spheres of Slow Trance, Psychill and Organic House.
The lineup is just as multicultural as our guests and highlights are DJ Vargo from Spain, Miguel Martinez from Mexico and DJ Moji from Iran.

Kids Area

Hello dear Antarian Kids!
Our Kids Area offers a daily program to participate and enough space to play, paint, read and chill for your children.

Opening hours: Friday – Monday, 9:00h – 19:00h

You can download the program as PDF (German Version) here:
Kids Area – Program 2022

You are all welcome and we are looking forward to have you here.


Airfield Otto-Lilienthal in Rhinow/Stölln. ​

Find more information about this historical place by following these links (german only):

Wikipedia Artikel
FSV „Otto Lilienthal“ Stölln/Rhinow e.V.

Otto Lilienthal Airfield in Stölln is not only a wonderful party space, it is also the oldest airfield in the world. Here is where the pioneer, Otto Lilienthal started the first started his first human gliding experiments. From the festival site near Gollenberg he made many daring flying experiences. For the anniversary from “100 Jahre Menschenflug/100 years of human flights” on 23rd October 1989 the flight captain, Heinz-Dieter Kahlbach spectacularly landed an Iljuschin II-62 on the 900 meter grass runway. Later, Otto Lilienthals wife Agnes was given the title “Lady Agnes”.

So much history – so check out the airplane, it is now an interesting museum which also serves as Registry Office from time to time! We are proud, in the spirit of this daring pioneer, to have the opportunity to come together and blast off for four days and three nights, in this village steeped in such amazing history.
Thank you!





Street: Apfelallee ZIP: 14728


Connection Neuruppin (AS 22) half right off of A24 / E26 / E55, go on B167 direction Neustadt(Dosse). Turn right on B167 direction Dabergotz. After 18,46km in Bückwitz turn right on B5Hauptstraße direction Kampehl. After 430m turn left on B102Kampehler Straße direction Kampehl. After 3,43km in Neustadt(Dosse) turn left on B102Bahnhofstraße direction Hohenofen. After 14,98km turn left on L17 direction Stölln. You should arrive in 14728 Stölln after 1,11km and then FOLLOW THE SIGNS!

Bus and Train


Hourly Regional Train
from Berlin Hbf to Rathenow.

Info here:


HBU Reisen
offers transfers from Kempten
via Munich directly to Antaris.

Info here:


offers transfers from france to Antaris.

Info here:

Busshuttle from and to Berlin

Neue Kantstrasse, corner of Messedamm,
parking site across from the ZOB.

One-way to Stölln:
Friday 18h + 22h

One-way to Berlin:
Sunday 18h + 22h
Monday 21h

Online-Booking here:
Info here:

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